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CowParade Artists

CowParade cows have been crafted, sculpted and painted by some of Western Australia's most captivating artists and hottest fashion designers. Some of the cows will be auctioned off to raise funds for Telethon and most have been assigned a Telethon beneficiary.

Here is a teaser of what you can expect - but the best experience is to see them up close!

Abdul-Rahman Abdullah - Red Heifer

This artwork by Abdul-Rahman Abdullah takes inspiration from the Old Testament story of the Red Heifer. The work explores the layers of cultural significance and historical impact that a single animal can potentially have in current global politics.

Sponsored by: Fromage Artisans
Telethon Beneficiary/Permanent Home: Fromage Artisans


ae’lkemi - Mooey-XIV

The ae’lkemi flagship store houses ready-to-wear, couture and an in house studio all within the one premises. The ae’lkemi brand has become synonymous with doing things the old school way - strong in tradition with a contemporise spin. Taking inspiration from LOUIS XIV - The Sun King and the ornamentation and splendour of the Palace of Versailles, ae’lkemi has captured the decadence and glittering opulence of this 17th century King.

Telethon Beneficiary/Permanent Home: Make-A-Wish Foundation


Alister Yiap - Luxury Lady

Alister Yiap's Luxury Lady has been inspired by the theme of mineral wealth, specific to Western Australia. The metallic faceted design works to showcase all the beauty our state offers, from minerals and mining, to luxury commodities such as gold, pearls, diamonds and Lexus Cars! Luxury Lady supports Yiap's current studio practice featuring strong geometric and angular elements, a stylistic signature of Yiap's design aesthetic.

Sponsored by: Lexus Perth
Telethon Beneficiary/Permanent Home: Lexus Perth


Amy Perejuan-Capone - Idle Flies

Amy Perejuan-Capone lives in Fremantle overlooking the harbour and watches the activities of ships, cranes and commodities like big theatre. Her Cow is a fundamental symbol of commerce of which she has transformed its reclining body into the oceanic stage for tiny trade vessels to play out their drama. 

Telethon Beneficiary/Permanent Home: Autism West


Audrey and Arif Satar - Amilita

Memory and identity are central concepts in this work by Audrey and Arif Satar, juxtaposing stories from the realm of memory, myth, fantasy and desire. This work is a labyrinth of storytelling – an illustration where the plot unfolds in a rhythm of drawings that loop, twist and turn like the threads of woven Kahdi. The storyline of this work makes reference to a narrative from Audrey’s childhood and a character called Amilita, along with well-known characters in children’s’ literature including Matilda, Peter Pan, Pinocchio and Alice in Wonderland.  The drawings appear like animations, intertwined in an unconventional multilayered tale leaving the narrative open to interpretation. The gestural and movement of the imagery is inspired by the narrative associated with the work of Pina Bausch and her piece Wind From The West creating an allegory that interweaves myth, fantasy, and history to make reference to multilayered notions of identity.

Telethon Beneficiary/Permanent Home:  Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre


Benjamin Kontoolas - Beauty X Ethics

We are sad to announce that one of our incredible cows has been vandalised and may be permanently removed from the CowParade. “Beauty X Ethics” by Benjamin Kontoolas located in Forrest Place was easily recognised by it's eye-catching flashing neon wings. The feature of the cow, it's flashing neon wings, were deliberately damaged overnight. Mr Kontoolas said the vandalism was unfortunate, but it was important to encourage discussion about public art. “At the end of the day it’s about getting people talking about art and the importance of public art,” he said. The damage has been reported to WA Police.


Clare McFarlane - Ornamental Bovine and 42 Dung Beatles

Clare McFarlane’s work seeks to understand or at least represent that search for understanding, in the natural world. The aesthetic often takes its lead from that of the Victorian age of scientific enquiry. At this time there was an earnest belief in the good that scientific understanding and discovery could achieve. They sort to classify all within the natural realm. And the decoration, design and ornamentation of the time reflected this - nature was represented as fantastic and exotic but ultimately controlled and ordered. Here Clare adorned her Cow with wonderfully fluid ornamentation that is both appreciated from a distance, while at closer inspection there are small details such as hand written notes or small crawling insects which reference our ongoing search to understand and classify the natural world.

Telethon Beneficiary/Permanent Home:  Legacy


Elizabeth Marruffo - Milk River Parade

The sculpture ‘La cuna (The Cradle)’ by Leonora Carrington and Jose Horna serves as a point of departure for Elizabeth Marruffo’s artwork. The history of this object as a vessel built for a child’s journey into dreamland resonates with the artists’ interests in working with the children at Princess Margaret Hospital who have developed the imagery of celestial bodies (including Taurus of course) in the night sky that forms the spine of the sculpture.

Telethon Beneficiary/Permanent Home: RedKite


Elle Campbell - IKICOW

A conduit for expression, communication and comprehension, Elle Campbell’s practise is a ritualistic digesting of the here and now, what was, and what is yet to come. The sense of loss, grief and trauma is temporarily filled with the cathartic process of healing through art making, offering a pictorial narrative capturing events and memories, applied with ritualistic bursts of paint dancing around the canvas. Taking inspiration from her late Father, a self-made farmer of the Western wheatbelt geography, Elle recalls the indelible impact he had on her young mind and what it is to be passionate, dedicated and proud of ones achievements and determination. It is through her Father’s positive and dedicated approach that Elle is able to narrate visually the mind body and soul attributes of strength, wisdom and conviction.

Telethon Beneficiary/Permanent Home: Ability Centre


Empire Rose - Jersey Girl

The Empire Rose concept is an extension of their 20th anniversary collection unveiled as part of the 2016 Telstra Perth Fashion Festival where uber street meets high end decadence. Showcasing trademark luscious fabrications in glorious technicolour, Jersey Girl is an explosion of dazzling metallics in a mash up of prints and sumptuous textures.

Telethon Beneficiary/Permanent Home: Youth Focus


Gregory Pryor - Laozi’s Cow and the Excellence of Water

The famous Chinese philosopher Laozi was known to ride around on a cow (specifically an Oxen) and this has been said to represent the wisdom he attained throughout his life. The cow is a powerful animal that has learned to control its wild nature and serve mankind in so many ways and Laozi extolled similar virtues in his famous book the Tao Te Ching or The Way.

Perth is a city that has triumphed in a part of the earth considered too volatile, inhospitable and isolated for so many and it’s recent capital city stature is further confirmation of how  It has overcome these challenges and turned them into virtues and embodied in its success and status as a world  city. The text Gregory uses here from the Tao Te Ching refers to the bifold nature of water – it seems so supple and pliant – even accommodating, yet can create the most  powerful and effective force when channelled a particular way.

The blue Gregory has painted the cow embodies the water that is so synonymous with the character and development of Perth. It is the blue intensity of the vast Indian Ocean and it is also the water that has been channelled out to Kalgoorlie via O’Connor’s pipeline that was instrumental in the early gold rush that laid the foundation for the wealth of the state and the growth of the city. The gold ears are to suggest not only the contribution gold has played in the development of the city, but also that Perth is now increasingly listening and contributing to dialogues in other parts of the world. Reflective of Laozi’s subtle text, Perth has now developed a powerful voice and momentum as a global city, yet one that continues to project an envious lifestyle that is so closely aligned to the nature of water.

Sponsored by: City of Perth
Telethon Beneficiary/Permanent Home: City of Perth


Helen Smith - Palindrome

Helen Smith’s work discusses a state of equilibrium, in physical terms, relative to biology and subsequently the environment. Helen’s practice is influenced by a formal, minimalist view-point with simplicity of form and geometric abstraction generally contributing to the outcome. Oil on canvas paintings, large scale wall works and a number of ongoing photographic series derived from an interest in social and cultural systems form the basis for her enquiry. Helen is a Member of the Art Collective WA.

Telethon Beneficiary/Permanent Home:  Telethon Speech and Hearing WA


Ian de Souza - COW-MOO-FLAGE - call me FLORA

Ian de Souza is a full time practicing artist and educator with an exhibition history spanning 33 years. The sustained force of his artistic exploration is the fluid connection between light, line, colour and movement; all present in the wild flora of Western Australia. COW-MOO-FLAGE celebrates the coming of spring and our State’s unique flora with a sense of joy and fun.…call me “FLORA”!

Telethon Beneficiary/Permanent Home: Starlight Children’s Foundation


Jana Braddock - Netter’s Atlas

‘Patterns in nature’ is the basis of this work by Jana Braddock. Medical text books, antique medical engravings, books on the biology of insects, or a particularly interesting leaf, are the things that lie around the studio of Jana Braddock and feed her endless fascination with the everyday happenings within nature.

Telethon Beneficiary/Permanent Home: RDA Swan Valley


Jean and June Pastore - Missy Moo

Jean and June Pastore are visual artists working with glass, mixed media, new media and wood. They are passionate about making a difference with their art and constantly experimenting with new ideas. When their artwork eventually forms a feeling that satisfies their creative impulses, they have the need to start over again on their next creation.

Telethon Beneficiary/Permanent Home: Parkerville Children and Youth Care


Katherine Dunmil - The Provider

Independent Western Australian fashion label Katherine Dunmil have a natural aesthetic with a focus on quality fabrication and craftsmanship, emphasising the use of natural materials that have become synonymous with the Dunmil aesthetic. Katherine’s Cow - The Provider is bountiful in nature, wild and rugged in beauty.

Telethon Beneficiary/Permanent Home: The Amanda Young Foundation


Kerrie Argent - 40 litres a day…, Guernsey/Jersey

Kerrie will be working with the public across the CowParade Community Days to produce two cows. For more information on how you can get involved, visit the Community Cows page.


Lawry Halden - Untitled

Lawry will be working with the public across the CowParade Community Days to produce a cow. For more information on how you can get involved, visit the Community Cows page.


Leanne Bray - Gaay

Leanne Bray's work is often defined by her ability to create harmonious design, incorporating bold swaths of rich patterning, implied textural content and complex, beautiful layers of colour. Her Cow offers the perfect canvas to continue her exploration of these notions. Her inspiration for Gaay is drawn directly from the studio work that she is currently developing. 

Sponsored by: Perth Airport
Telethon Beneficiary/Permanent Home: Perth Airport – International


Lexalot Dade Randolph - Telethon Kids Carnival Cow

Lex spent a number of years in hospital with a chronic illness when he was a teenager. The things that still stick with him from that time are firstly that he felt safe, nurtured and cared for and secondly that there was a constant fear - of not getting better, pain, uncertainty. In this artwork Lex has used his personal experience to start the conversation with children who attended the Bendigo Telethon Kids Carnival.

Representing the element of safety and care, the Cow was covered in fine white gauze bandages and sprayed with colourful edicol dyes. Stitched into this covering are small circles of acetate, which each participant from the Kids Carnival illustrated with a monster/creature - a visual and animated representation of something that they fear about their own experience of illness and hospital life. This process aimed to be empowering for the young artists involved, as well as communicate something about their experience with the audience.


Liam Dee - Trans-Dimensional Cow

Artist Liam Dee really wanted to play around with the form of the Cow and make it into something out of the ordinary. His practice involves the adding of hypnotic elements to natural shapes.

Telethon Beneficiary/Permanent Home:  WA Carers Australia


Lisa Dymond - Commodity Cow

Lisa Dymond’s inspiration is drawn from how we domesticate and control animals as a commodity – the repeated pattern of humans trying to control their world, to live a comfortable life. The zoetrope is a playful way of creating a repeated process in an art form. Commodity Cow is wonderful as she produces huge amounts of milk for us, day after day, after day. Are we taking good care of her and the farmer? Are we taking good care of ourselves?


Marcia Espinosa - Earth to Heaven Express

The inspiration for Marcia Espinosa’s Wish Moo was the concept of the Cow as a sacred object, a being to which people could address their prayers and also express their earthly hopes and desires. The colours and images are drawn from her South American background and growing up in a religious country.

Telethon Beneficiary/Permanent Home:  City of Perth Prize – Give-a-Way


Megan Salmon - Garden Cow

For her creation, Megan Salmon has developed an original digital fabric that is from a Pompeii mural encompassing greenery and birds. This naïve depiction of a garden translates into the most sensuous fabric with Garden Cow hand sewn into the fabric, tailoring the folds of the fabric to completely encapsulate the form.  Megan has used big hand stitches in a contrast red to ensure the form of the work is just as much a part of the fabric.

Telethon Beneficiary/Permanent Home: Inclusion WA


Mel McVee - George

Mel McVee has created an Australian fauna and flora design showcasing the striated pardalotes and flowing gums, both found locally in Western Australia.  Our state is one of the environmental hotspots in the world today, with most species endemic to small regions within Western Australia.  Our flora and fauna are beautiful and unique – elements that Mel celebrates through this work.

Telethon Beneficiary/Permanent Home: Wheel Chair Sports WA


Minaxi May - Bubblegum Bessie

It is heart wrenching to know that In Yucatán city townsfolk bash innocent animals to death in the annual tradition of Citilcum Kots Kaal Pato. This act sadly illustrates our treatment of animals and yet this is paralleled with fictitious animals in the form of piñatas - innocent, oozing out toys and candy. My piñata is a celebration of the beauty of the cow.


Olga Cironis - Blue

Covering the cow in woollen blankets, like that of wrapping and stitching into place, is an act of protection or hiding. Blankets link to Australian history and the corporality of human bodies - grey blankets are not domestic, but military. The act of covering over not only references protecting, but also links to the silenced histories and narratives that are muffled by cultural and social guilt. In this work Olga Cironis is thinking of these animals being herded onto live animal export ships, their bewildered eyes searching for answers. This work is linked to Olga’s practice of covering and hiding, while at the same time exposing silenced narratives, exploring identity, corporality and belonging to the cultural and natural landscape.

Telethon Beneficiary/Permanent Home: Ngala


Pascal Proteau - Le Grand Panache

Pascal Proteau’s “slight” extension of the horns are intended to stimulate curiosity, discovery and exploration. Born in Quebec, Canada, Pascal grew up in a large hunting family and experienced contact with deer and moose, horns, antlers and bones. The pure beauty of these form, intricate shapes and textures captured the artist’s imagination and informed his Cow’s fabulous panache. Horns and antlers have many uses throughout the animal kingdom. Mainly used for protection and defence, they are also used for communication and courtship. They are sign of strength, power and status.

Sponsored by: Cloisters
Telethon Beneficiary/Permanent Home: Cloisters Square


Penny Coss - Pop Colour Cow

Cattle can distinguish long wavelength colours (yellow, orange and red) much better than the shorter wavelengths (blue, grey and green). The design for this work references these colours to form an implied landscape and the undulating form of the cow as reflection on the life of the grazing cow in grass fields. The areas of colour are read as a landscape meandering over the cow form.

Telethon Beneficiary/Permanent Home: Dsylexis – SPELD Foundation


Peter Ellis in collaboration with Paul Caporn - A Cow With No Name

The inspiration for this work is drawn directly from images of horses, dogs and donkeys that were used as beasts of burden during World War 1 and 2. This collaboration is an extension of Peter Ellis and Paul Caporn’s individual artistic practice and aims to encourage debate about the relationships between domesticated animals and their masters. Peter’s previous work in particular, reveals his specific interests in military logistics and the costs of war to not only humans but animals and the natural environment.  

Telethon Beneficiary/Permanent Home: Telethon Adventurers


Peter Farmer - Untitled

Peter Farmer is a practicing Aboriginal artist who explores all mediums within visual arts and beyond. His inspiration is drawn from his Totemic Journeys (The Blue Wren), both throughout his creative life, within his own community, and the wider community, where he translates these journeys visually.

Telethon Beneficiary/Permanent Home: Superfins WA


Philip Gamblen - Bongo

Philip Gamblen’s work is a continuing investigation into electro-mechanical sound sculptures. He is especially interested in exhibiting a 'performing artwork' in a public arena.  Bongo is a sound cow that grooves to a unique percussive beat.  Bongo’s hide supports a series of identical solenoid striker modules each repeatedly tapping different areas of the body to produce a series of drum like rapping sounds.  Using the body as a sounding board, Bongo becomes a quirky musical instrument.

Telethon Beneficiary/Permanent Home: Foodbank


Poppy Lissiman - Holy Cow

Poppy Lissiman designs are handmade, high quality, eye catching and always aiming to be left of centre. All Poppy's accessories are proudly made using only vegan or faux leather products, they are cruelty free with no animal parts. Since the inception of her accessories line Poppy has aimed to make pieces which not only look and feel high end but are also ethically produced.

Poppy’s creation features many of her most famous motifs - (lips, evil eyes, serpents and hearts - with a nod towards one of her favourite movies; Baz Lurhmann's Romeo + Juliette).

Telethon Beneficiary/Permanent Home: Camp Quality


Renae Coles - Aurora

Aurora is a celebration of breasts, both human and bovine. A feminist mascot for gender equality and a joyful protest against body shaming, this brightly coloured Cow is adorned with playful representations of breasts, nipples and milk. Aurora is for the mother that wants to breastfeed her child in public without being made to feel shame, and for the dairy cow who mourns the loss of the calf she produces milk for, taken from her immediately after giving birth. Aurora observes the current online environment within which the female nipple is considered ‘abusive content’ while the male nipple, images of violence, and the female breast with the nipple covered are all acceptable on mainstream platforms. There are more than six billion consumers of milk and milk products globally, half of them have bodies that are routinely censored and all of them are consuming milk meant for a calf that never got to know its mother. These bodily ideas converge in the colourful spectacle and celebration that is Aurora.

Telethon Beneficiary/Permanent Home: Kalparrin


Rod Garlett - Noongar Boodja

Rod Garlett is a proud Noongar man, and fulfilled by the work undertaken by our Elders, native title representatives and community leaders, during their negotiations with the Barnett Government in recognising the traditional owners. Here Rod pays tribute to their hard work, determination and finding a brighter future for our people. This artwork narrates the story of the Noongar people of the South-West and their attempt for recognition as the traditional custodians of the land and sea in the South of Western Australia. In this work Rod captures the land of the Noongar people and the six claim groups.

Telethon Beneficiary/Permanent Home: HeartKids


Sally Stewart - Daphne

Sally Stewart is an artist passionate about the sentimentality associated with kitsch, and the ways people collect objects and experiences. Sally has developed a kitsch character, Daphne, who is a sassy, daring and flamboyant Cow, whose fabulous imagination takes her on travels in which the fluid boundaries of aspiration, memory and fantasy create her kitsch world.

Sponsored by: The West Australian and Channel 7
Telethon Beneficiary/Permanent Home: Muscular Dystrophy Western Australia


Stuart McMillan - GAIA – Natures Wonder, ANI - Animal Spirit

Stuart will be working with the public across the CowParade Community Days to produce two cows. For more information on how you can get involved, visit the the Community Cows page. 


Tjyllyungoo - Lance Chadd - Alice

This work is inspired by Lance Chadd’s Father, Norman Chadd and in honour of all Aboriginal Stockman. ‘Dad’, like the elders that taught him, were not just renowned for their multiple skills with horses, cattle, machinery and general station maintenance. They were also men of culture and law, and as such had strong connections, knowledge and responsibilities to care for country.

Sponsored by: Perth Airport
Telethon Beneficiary/Permanent Home: Perth Airport – International