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Niko Niko Onigiri Australia

Pop in and try our delicious onigiri you can select from a wide range of menu options. Located strategically in the CBD, we are an excellent choice if you are struggling to decide the meal of the day. And the great news is, we are open from 7am every weekday offering only $2 per selected onigiri (7am-10am only). So come and visit us at 6/117 Murray Street, Perth, WA today.

Onigiri has always been one of the nostalgic food for Japanese. It started in the Nara period before the use of chopsticks become common. The rice was often rolled into small ball which could be easily picked up. The shape eventually evolved from a rice ball to rectangular snack and finally the triangle rice ball we see today.

During the Genroku era in the middle Edo period, processed seaweed becomes more accessible and people started using nori (seaweed) instead of chimaki (bamboo leaves) to wrap the rice ball. This helps people to eat Onigiri with minimum mess. Thereafter, Onigiri was considered as a convenient food among the Japanese. It is tasty, convenient and you can enjoy it without hassle.

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Venue information

Operating hours:

Mon - Fri: 7am - 6pm

Sat - Sun: 12pm - 5pm

Location: Niko Niko Onigiri, 6/117 Murray St, Perth 6000, WA.

Contact information

Phone: 04 2525 3567