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Cloud Canopy

Light up clouds above the Hay St Mall.

Stop by while shopping the malls and take a picture of the colourful clouds above Hay St Mall.


At the other end of the mall, watch make-believe snow as it falls before your eyes.

The City of Perth is proud to host accessible and inclusive events. The below information is provided to you as an overview of this event:

  • Promotional material is available in other accessible formats upon request.
  • This venue is accessible to people who use wheelchairs, walking aids and who are accompanied with prams. 
  • The closest Free Drinking Water is found at the drinking fountains located in the Hay Street Mall.
  • The closest accessible parking can be found here:
  • The closest bus stops can be found on William Street. To plan your journey, please visit here
  • The closest Train Station is: Perth Station. To plan your journey, please visit here
  • The closest public Accessible toilets can be found here:
  • A copy of the City’s Disability, Access & Inclusion Plan can be found here
  • For more details on Universal Access in the City of Perth, please visit here

Event details

Price: Free

Location: Hay Street Mall


Phone: 08 9461 3333