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Presenting yet another World Premiere, West Australian Ballet are proud to bring to His Majesty’s stage, a dramatic neo-classical ballet, telling the most famous story of when darkness meets love – Dracula.

Dracula leaning over his love in the West Australian Ballet play

Performed to a specially created “libretto” (a storyline), the adaptation of Bram Stoker’s classic vampire novel invites you to follow Dracula, whose lonely soul is determined to reunite with his lost love, Mina – and in doing so begins a reign of terror and seduction, draining the life from those around her to get what he so desires. Be transfixed by this tale of forbidden passion.

In a major coup, West Australian Ballet are excited to be working in close collaboration with one of the world’s most highly awarded and exciting choreographers. With more than 50 ballet works to his name, Krzysztof Pastor is a major force in the ballet world today. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience his work.

Dracula is a co-production of West Australian Ballet and Queensland Ballet.

Event details

Date: Sat 22 Sep 2018

Time: 07:30pm - 09:45pm

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  • September 2018
    • Date: Sat 22 Sep 2018
      Time: 02:00pm - 02:45pm

Price: From $22

Location: HIS MAJESTY’S THEATRE 825 Hay St, Perth WA 6000