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The Sandwich Board

The classic sandwich has returned with a modern gourmet twist. From Monday, July 9, the Market Grounds is releasing three new weekly sandwiches full of unique flavour.

You can’t go past a nicely balanced Reuben or a fresh Rotto tuna sandwichbursting with ingredients and condiments. The hearty sambos are designed for all tastes, including vegetarians. 

The menu for week one includes the Fresh Chicken Parmy with grilled chicken breast, fresh tomato, stracciatella, basil and baby spinach, thetrusty Beef Wellington with roast shaved beef, pate, mushrooms, and horseradish cream, and finally the Greek Pulled Pumpkin with pumpkin, haloumi, oregano, onion relish and iceberg lettuce. 

Each sandwich has been prepared by executive chef, Jason Floyd who wanted to reimagine the traditional sambo for CBD life.

Each sandwich is cut in two with a side of .house made potato crisps making them ideal to share or takeaway. Starting at $13 and available Monday to Thursday from 11am – 3pm

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Date: Wed 22 Aug 2018

Time: 11:00am - 03:00pm

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