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Twilight Hawkers Markets 2018

Experience food from around the globe as you immerse yourself in this market setting. With live local music adding to the cultural atmosphere, it’s the perfect Friday night out.


Season One

Every Friday, 20 October to 15 December 2017

Season Two 

Every Friday, 2 February to 23 March 2018

From the Netherlands and Germany to Italy and Spain, there will be plenty of European influences alongside exotic Asian cuisine. With live local music adding to the cultural atmosphere, it’s the perfect Friday night out.

This year, a plethora of Perth traders are taking part and the City of Perth is excited to share a glimpse of what will be on offer. 

Eat Me Ramen 
Eat Me Ramen is a new favourite among those who appreciate an enormous bowl of satisfying Japanese goodness. Next time you’re headed to the Twilight Hawkers Market, get a good taste of the umami bomb ramen. Opting for the mouth-watering chicken on the side isn’t a bad idea, either.
Niko Niko Onigiri
Also hailing from the land of the cherry blossom trees, this Japanese stall provides the perfect Asian snack - Onigiri. Here, rice is rolled into a small ball to provide for easy eating. A nostalgic food for the Japanese, the concept started in the Nara period before the use of chopsticks.
The Croquetas Bar
Transport yourself to Spain with this glorious little croquetas stall. A common sight on bar counters across Spain, these crumbed and cheesy savoury pieces are normally served as a tapa or light lunch.
Superstar Waffles
A favourite in Northbridge, Superstar Waffles never disappoints when it comes to dessert, or dinner for that matter. Incorporating traditional American style waffles with exciting toppings, you’ll never feel dissatisfied. Opt for a classic maple syrup or a gourmet topping such as Cointreau-soaked strawberries with mascarpone ice-cream.
We all know this 140 favourite. A German stall boasting the best in brotzeit and bratwursts, this is the perfect way to enjoy an authentic European dish.

Event details

Date: Fri 23 Feb 2018

Time: 04:30pm - 09:30pm

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Price: Free

Location: Forrest Place, 200 Murray Street, Perth 6000