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Winter Rollerland

Hosted by: Forrest Place

Bring the children along, embrace the elements and warm up with Winter Rollerland in the heart of the City.

Winter Rollerland

Bring the children along to enjoy the novelty of roller skating in the heart of the City at Winter Rollerland. Suitable for children aged 3 to 12, this is the perfect school holiday activity.

Limited Family Skate Sessions and Big Kid Sessions are available also.

Ticket release dates:

Week 1 Ticket release date:
(Event dates: Sat 1 - Sat 8 July) released on Monday 26 June at 10:00am

Week 2 Ticket release date:
(Event dates: Sun 9 - Sun 16 July) released on Monday 3 July at 10:00am

Tickets will be available from Oztix

Session 1         10:30am (School Holiday Session only)

Session 2         11:20am (School Holidays Session only)

Session 3         12.10pm (School Holiday Session only)

Session 4         13.00pm (School Holiday Session only)

Session 5         1.50pm (School Holiday Session only)

Session 6         2.40pm (School Holiday Session only)


Session 7         4.30pm, Thursday (Family Skate Session – parents join the kids)

Session 8         5.30pm, Thursday (Family Skate Session – parents join the kids)

Session 9         6.30pm, Thursday (Big Kids Session – Over 18s can skate)

Session 10       7.30pm, Thursday (Big Kids Session – Over 18s can skate)


Session 11       4.30pm, Friday (Family Skate Session – parents join the kids)

Session 12       5.30pm, Friday (Family Skate Session – parents join the kids)

Session 13       6.30pm, Friday (Big Kids Session – Over 18s can skate)

Session 14       7.30pm, Friday (Big Kids Session – Over 18s can skate)

Ticket Information

  1. Free tickets for Winter Rollerland must be secured online in advance.
  2. The event is for children aged 3 years to 12 years old. If you have children over 12 please check out our family skate sessions on Thursday and Friday evenings.
  3. Choose from six school holiday sessions daily of a maximum 30 minutes each session.
  4. Limit of one booking per email address per day of the event.
  5. Maximum of six tickets per booking.
  6. Tickets are required for participating children.
  7. Only children will skate as part of the day time sessions. If adults want to skate, check out our family skate or big kids sessions on Thursday and Friday evenings. 
  8. Tickets are also required for accompanying guardians of children under 5.
  9. Children under five require a parent or guardian on the rink to assist with skating.

The parent or guardian accompanying children are not permitted to skate and must wear flat shoes or socks onto the rink only.

  1. One ticket = one skater (or guardian) entry.
  2. Bookings for each session will close when all tickets have been allocated.
  3. Tickets are only valid for the date and session time shown on the ticket.
  4. Ticket holders must arrive 20 minutes prior to the session start time.
  5. Tickets must be presented to gain entry. No Ticket, No Entry.
  6. Admittance and participation at Winter Rollerland is at the discretion of the event staff.
  7. All children participate at Winter Rollerland at their own risk.
  8. Jumping pushing or any type of aggressive or unsafe behaviour is not permitted in the event area.
  9. It is at the City of Perth’s discretion to change or reschedule sessions.


General Information

  • The Winter Rollerland event runs from 1 to 16 July.
  • There are six school holiday sessions per day to choose from.
  • There are two additional family skate sessions on Thursday and Fridays when parents and older siblings can join in. Adults must be accompanying children in order to participate. 
  • There are two additional ‘big kids’ skate sessions on Thursday and Fridays when only adults over 18 years can participate.
  • Every skater needs a ticket to participate.
  • Children and adults who are only watching will NOT require a ticket.
  • Skating is not recommended for pregnant women.
  • Skate hire is FREE and is included in the ticket allocation. There will be a selection of rollerskates and rollerblades.
  • Skater MUST bring socks that cover the ankles.
  • Own skates are permitted but no heelies (runners with wheels), skateboards or scooters will be permitted.
  • There are no skating aids however there will be a rink barrier around the perimeter to assist beginners.  You will be off and skating in no time.
  • A rink master and Winter Rollerland staff will be there to help you and give you some tips along the way.
  • For hygiene purposes we will not have any helmets available. If you would like a helmet it is recommended that you bring your own. You can use a regular bike helmet.
  • There will be a very limited amount of protective gear like kneepads, elbow pads and wrist guards available. These will be on a first serve basis so if you would like protective gear it is strongly recommended that you bring your own.
  • People in wheelchairs are welcome in any session however participants must go online and book a valid ticket for themselves and their companion / carer.
  • If you have any pre existing medical conditions that may aggravated by physical activity such as rollerskating it is recommended that you do not participate.
  • For further information please contact the City of Perth on 9461 3333.


What to bring…

Your ticket

Clean socks that cover the ankle

Your own skates if you have them

Protective gear

Your parent and guardian

Appropriate clothing


What NOT to bring…


Heelie shoes

Mini scooters

Food or drinks onto the roller rink


Event details

Price: Free

Location: Forrest Place


Contact name: City of Perth Events Team

Phone: 9461 3333