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Power Up Your Lunch Hour: Healthy, Energy Building Lunch Options In The City

Karen Wojciechowski of @realenergyfood shares her top tips for a healthy, energy building lunch during your work week.

I’ve recently started working out of the awesome co-working space Spacecubed located on St Georges Tce in the Perth CBD. And although I often bring my lunch to eat while catching up with others in the lunch room there are often times when I have lunch time meetings or just want to grab something on the go and so I wanted to share with you my list of go-to healthy lunch options in the City of Perth.

My number one tip when people ask me how to stay healthy while eating out is to just choose a healthy restaurant with great options already on the menu. No having to ask for a custom option or going without. Just lots to choose from whether your just trying to eat healthy, fresh food or are vegan or gluten free.

So what are my favorites? Check them out below not in any particular order, these are all worth trying out!

BOWLN – Shop 4, 172 St Georges Terrace, Perth

Whether you go for one of their smoothie bowls or their salad bowls you will love these tasty lunch options full of amazing ingredients to get you through even the busiest of afternoons.Their vego bowl (pictured) with extra tempeh instead of tofu is delicious and super filling. As an added extra for your lunch boost, they have kombucha and cold brew coffee on tap, plus some raw superfood sweet treats for your sweet tooth.


FRESHII – Carillon Arcade, Shop 110 207 Murray Street

Located in the Carillon food court, Freshii does some great smoothies, salad bowls, healthy burritos and freshly squeezed juices. It’s a great place to get a quick and easy lunch on the run or pick up your green smoothie to get those greens in for the day.


PANACHE – 5 Mill Street, Perth CBD

This restaurant has yummy salads, vegan burgers, super smoothies and one of my favourite treats on a hot day Cocowhip.

THE WOLF ESPRESSO – 6/800 Hay St, Perth

This coffee shop is full of yummy energy boosting options as well as paleo and vegan friendly options. Located on the revamped Wolf Lane this is a great lunch spot to sit and grab a coffee to or just grab a lunch on the go. Tasty salads and cold pressed juices are awesome here - plus great coffee!


LITTLE BIRD CAFE – 100 Lake St, Northbridge

This is such a great spot to grab lunch or have a before work breaky meeting as there are so many yummy options to try. The buckwheat pancakes are delicious and so is the workout bowl (pictured).  They also have yummy smoothies, vegan dessert and a great almond milk lattes.


FLORA AND FAUNA – 4/70 Aberdeen St, Northbridge

Ok so I have to admit my favourite thing about this little cafe is that they serve all their dishes with gorgeous flowers. But they also have delicious healthy meals, fresh pressed juices, gluten-free quinoa bread, raw treats and more. Definitely one to check out.


PERTH CITY FARM – 1 City Farm Place, East Perth

I love the cafe at City Farm. Yummy coffee, great lunch options including vegan and gluten free options, smoothies and a bunch of caffeine free drink options like turmeric lattes. They also have an organic farmers market every Saturday morning with fresh herbs for sale.


HEALTH FREAK CAFE – (Bottom of Jacobs Ladder) 130 Mounts Bay Road

A little out of the city but this cafe has an awesome menu and I love trying a new dish every time I go there. Everything on the menu is sugar and gluten free, so you have plenty of energy boosting options to try. There are also some awesome organic, refined sugar free desserts for a healthy boost in the afternoon. It’s located at the base of Jacobs Ladder... so the perfect spot for a healthy breakfast after a morning workout.


I hope this has helped you to be able to make some healthier choices to power up your lunch hour in the City of Perth. Have you got any secret (or not so secret) healthy spots in the City to grab a quick luncg? Let us know if the comments below.


IMAGES AND STORY BY: Karen Wojciechowski of Real Energy Food.

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