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Spotlight On Daniel Hechter Perth

Global French fashion brand Daniel Hechter launched in 1962 in Paris, France, and has since been hailed as the innovative designer that took high fashion looks from the catwalk to the consumer with his ready-to-wear collections of the 60's… And this week, I'm lucky enough to turn the spotlight on Daniel Hechter Perth to give you an insight into this formidable international fashion mainstay, 54 years on.

Located at Brookfield Place (on the street front of St Georges Terrace), Daniel Hechter's Perth boutique is one of three stand alone stores Australia-wide, with a further 160 retail partner outlets across the country and a phenomenal 600 boutiques globally in 66 countries.

Daniel Hechter Mens Suits Perth Fashion Style

Best known for their high quality yet affordable men's suiting, I was more than excited to sit down with Daniel Hechter's Australian Head of Marketing, Gaëlle Guesdon, to talk all things men's fashion, the brand, and what's on the horizon for spring/summer 2016/17.

Perth City Style:  "Hi Gaëlle, can you tell us what has been the inspiration and success behind the brand?"

Gaëlle:  "Making high quality, designer clothes available to everyone has always been part of our DNA.  Daniel Hechter fashion is about dressing well whilst reflecting lifestyle and personality. 

Daniel Hechter Mens Suits Perth Fashion Style

"With its roots in the capital of fashion - Paris, the brand promotes the French way of life in its finest form.  The collections are sleek, sophisticated and contemporary, infused with that easy elegance and savoir-faire that Parisians are renowned for.

Daniel Hechter Mens Suits Perth Fashion Style

"As a matter of fact, the collections are developed at the brand headquarters in Paris under the guidance of creative director Christophe Blondin-Péchabrier (who also worked for Karl Lagerfeld, Lanvin and Kenzo)."

Daniel Hechter Mens Suits Perth Fashion Style

Perth City Style:  "So how is Australian fashion different to European fashion?"

Gaëlle:  "It’s all about the details.  Australians may be a bit more extreme when it comes to fashion, whether they’re very casual or totally on top of their game.  French men master the smart-casual and effortless-chic looks and like to add a few well-chosen accessories to their outfits - they may not go for the whole hank-necktie and hat look in one go, but they can wear a scarf today, braces tomorrow and then a nice belt assorted with perfectly polished shoes the following day."

Daniel Hechter Mens Suits Perth Fashion Style

Perth City Style:  "And what would you say are the key elements to dressing well as a man in Perth?"

Gaëlle:  "In Perth or anywhere else, if you care about your appearance you’ll learn the dos and don'ts.  Start with the basics.  Make sure you’re wearing the right size and the right fit for your body type, that your belt matches your shoes and that your socks match your trousers…  Once you’ve acquired the basics, play with them a little bit.  Mix colours or patterns for instance (but don’t go over the top).  In the end, it’s mostly about owning your style.  Confidence is sexy!"

Daniel Hechter Mens Suits Perth Fashion Style

Perth City Style:  "What is the best element to French fashion for both men and women?"

Gaëlle:  "French men and women invest in good quality fashion basics like a nice suit for men or a little black dress or beige trench coat for women.  Then they go from there and accessorise with some trendy and more affordable pieces so that they can look the part while adding their own twist to a timeless and elegant outfit."

Daniel Hechter Mens Suits Perth Fashion Style

Perth City Style:  "What can we expect in store during spring 2016."

Gaëlle:  "Colourful and light sport jackets perfect for the races and all these summer events, business attire with a strong focus on colours and checks, smart-casual wear reflecting a French Preppy-Uni look."

Daniel Hechter Mens Suits Perth Fashion Style

Daniel Hechter Mens Suits Perth Fashion Style

Daniel Hechter Mens Suits Perth Fashion Style

Perth City Style:  "What are your price points?  And your best sellers?"

Gaëlle:  "Our suits (priced at about $500 for a suit)!  Whether for work, a black tie event, the races or a wedding, our customers know that they’ll find the perfect outfit for the occasion (a lot of them cannot resist our Blue DH106 Shape Edward).  Our business shirts are also great value at $129 and accessories such as ties and hanks, which range from $60 to $80.

Perth City Style:  "What range of items do you stock at Daniel Hechter Brookfield Place?"

Gaëlle:  "Suits, business shirts, ties but also casualwear like chinos, casual shirts, sport jackets, knitwear and polos."

Daniel Hechter Mens Suits Perth Fashion Style

Perth City Style:  "Thank you so much for chatting with me, Gaëlle, it has been an absolute pleasure.  I just have one last question: Finish this sentence – A good first impression is…"

Gaëlle:  "Looking the part without looking like you’re trying too hard."

And that my friends, is the Daniel Hechter ethos! 

Daniel Hechter Mens Suits Perth Fashion Style

Daniel Hechter Perth is open Monday – Tuesday 9.30am through 5pm, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 9.30am through 6pm, Saturday 9am through 5pm and Sunday 12pm through to 4pm.

Vicky Sofield Perth City Fashion Ambassador Blogger

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