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Skyworks 2017

Important Update


Thank you for your understanding and support following Thursday's tragic incident. 

Please see below for some useful advice from the Western Ausralia Police. 

The tragic event of the Australia Day Air crash was witnessed by many members of the public.

Witnessing an event such as this, may raise a range of reactions and this is a normal response.

If you feel affected by this event:
• try to maintain your normal routine
• talk with people you are comfortable with i.e. family/friends 
• allow yourself time to come to terms with what happened or what you saw, 
• use physical exercise to work off tension 
• try relaxation exercises such as deep breathing or meditation to help you feel calmer 
• take part in activities you enjoy

Ways to help others

• listen to the person’s account of the events by keeping your questions about the situation to a minimum; listen for as long as they want to talk 
• remind them to look after themselves physically by eating, resting and sleeping 
• reassure them about safety and security 
• expect some moodiness and irritability 
• continue with your own (and your family’s) routine and allow the person some time to settle back into their own routine 
• try not to make light of the situation or talk them out of their reactions


• Reassure them they are safe
• Let them know it is OK to feel upset
• Tell children the truth
• Encourage them to talk through their thoughts and feelings

If you require further help you may wish to talk to your GP
Or for further support please contact the Disaster Response Hotline 1800 032 965 or click here for more information.