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Lena Lu's Design Your Own Bomboloni Donut Special!

Choose from up to 11 toppings to design your very own bomboloni donut. Our Design Your Own Bomboloni Bar as a variety of awesome toppings which change weekly. No bomboloni donut topping will ever be the same! Try 6 of our awesome toppings for the price of 3!

Lena Lu's Design Your Own Bomboloni Donut Topping  

Let us stack your choice of toppings on our delicious bombs and add your favourite drizzle to finish off your masterpiece!!  

Special Offer......

Up to 6 of our fantastic toppings for the price of 3.  Choose from 11 toppings or even add a bomboloni ball as a topping.  The choices are endless.  

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Lena Lu Bomboloni

Lena Lu Bomboloni

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Sunday - Wednesday 11am-8pm ; Thursday - Saturday 11am-10pm

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