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Nostalgia Box April Holiday Specials

Enjoy 10% off admission fees to The Nostalgia Box. Video Game Museum, this School Holiday! A day at The Nostalgia Box promises new experiences, a loving trip down memory lane, and a crash-course in the history of gaming. Kids and adults will love it!

Introducing The Nostalgia Box: Australia’s very first interactive Video Game Console Museum where visitors can come and experience a fun and exciting return to their youth.

Located in Northbridge, we have approximately 100 consoles dating from as early as the 1970s, right through to the 2000s. Uncovering old friends and unexpected creations as you explore the journey  of the console from humble beginnings to the present day is what The Nostalgia Box is all about.

All the old classics are available: Pong, Space Invaders, Super Mario, Sonic, even a little bit of Crash Bandicoot. Perfect for reviving your old favorites, as well as trying out some classics that you missed first time around.

A day spent gaming at The Nostalgia Box is a great way to bring back the happy memories from  your youth, and share some old favorites with the new generation. Come join us today for a trip down memory lane!

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The Nostalgia Box

The Nostalgia Box

Operating hours:

Monday - Sunday 10.30AM - 5PM

Disabled access: Yes

Pensioner discounts: Yes

Student discounts: Yes

Address: Shop 3, 16 Aberdeen Street PERTH 6000

Contact information

Phone: 08 92277377