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2 minis, polenta chips and a drink for $20

Dinner Date in the city? We have got you sorted! Come down to Langley Park and enjoy the ONLY fried tacos in town in a dinner date under the stars. Your choice 2 mini fried tacos, plus polenta chips and a drink for $20!

Choose from our savoury classics such as pulled pork, chicken & cheese, pumpkin & feta, avocado & feta or bruschetta. Sweet tooth? Don't worry: strawberries & nutella, the best seller combo, has made to fried taco world too. Come and see what the fuss is about!


Three mini fried tacos



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Summer 1954

Summer 1954

Operating hours:

Tuesday-Thursday: 4:30pm-late

Late-night trading: Yes

Address: Langley Park, Victoria Avenue

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Phone: 0437 2990 205