Winter Wine and Dine

What better way to soak up all the arts in the City than with a little wining and dining to match? Pair your malbec with your music; your degustation with your dance. There’s 60 events and offers to choose from.

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Wine and Dine Categories

  • Sublime Sips (Drinks) - Find a cosy corner in a bar or restaurant and embrace winter with all the complex flavours of fine wines and dark spirits. 
  • Show Starters (Appetisers, tapas etc.) - Get in early before a show to quench your thirst with a quick drink and a light appetiser.
  • The First Act (Brekkie and brunch) - There’s no better way to start the day than a good brekkie. Make it fast on your way to work or take it easy as you start a lazy weekend.
  • Matinee Special (Lunch) - Get out of the office and into the streets, lanes and arcades to discover dishes from all over the world on your doorstep.
  • The Main Show (Dinner) - Whether it’s a meal with friends at an old favourite or a table for two for some fine dining, there are so many reasons to make the City your favourite wining and dining spot.
  • Encore (Dessert, gelato, coffee and cake etc.) - What better way to finish a big day shopping, a show or a night out with friends than with a coffee, cake or gelato?
  • Masterclasses – Get in touch with your inner foodie or help your kids become the new family cooks. A whole host of classes and events are on offer for you to try this winter.
  • Artist in residence (Match made art events) – Let the arts extend beyond the plate. Be serenaded by song over appetisers or marvel at visual artists and their work with a glass of wine. 
  • One Time Only (Events) – These one-off events are designed help you embrace the elements of winter. Stay tuned for more details and be ready to book your spot.